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Terms & Conditions

This is the minimum personal information required to provide services. If you do not agree, the service may be limited.

[Dongil Food Terms and Conditions]

Article 1 (case)

Standard Terms and Conditions No. 10023

These terms and conditions will use the related services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by Dongil Foods Cyber ​​Mall ("Mall") operated by Dongil Foods (hereinafter referred to as e-commerce companies). has specified the explicit characteristics of

※ “About this contract that does not charge for PC communication, etc.”

Article 2 (Definition)

① "Mall" may trade goods or services to provide goods or services provided by G-International Co., Ltd. for goods or services, and provides services as well as a virtual marketplace. of business owners. Use.

② "User" means "This service is being provided and therefore" in accordance with these terms and conditions by accessing the "Mall".

③ 'Mall' provides personal information of "mall" to provide information of "mall".

④'B.I' provides the 'I did not reach grace' service.

Article 3 (Patent and Explanation of Terms and Conditions, etc.)

① "Mall" refers to the contents of these terms and conditions, full text and technical details, business location and address (business number, copy number, e-mail), phone number, copy number, and e-mail address​)) The words "The service is good" but I think you can fully understand the service" will soon start the service.

② Please check that you have the optimal conditions as the terms and conditions are carefully set to the terms and conditions that the "mall" must meet.

③ "Mall" Electronic Commerce Act such as Electricity Act, Electronic Transaction Basic Act, Electronic Commerce Act, Information Protection Act for e-commerce, etc., you can continue to enter into this contract.

④ "Mall" is supposed to use this mode, and it is announced until the day before the event.

Because "this" is set, the "condition" is set, so the terms are provisionally set. .

⑤ “Announcement” is determined according to the provisions of the “Right of Use” according to the agreement of “Viewing” during which the conditions for the conclusion of the contract concluded after the conclusion of the “Site” contract reached the conclusion of the contract concluded before that.

⑥ Within the scope not determined in these terms and conditions, regarding the regulation of electronic commerce laws and terms and conditions, and consumer protection for electronic commerce as stipulated by the Fair Trade Commissione.