Privacy Agreement

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Privacy Agreement

This is the minimum personal information required to provide services. If you do not agree, the service may be limited.

The Personal Information Protection Standard Forum (hereinafter referred to as the “Forum”) values ​​the personal information of information subjects and complies with the 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection」 and 「Personal Information Protection Act」.

Through the personal information processing policy, the forum informs you of the purpose and method of using the personal information provided by the information subject, and what measures are being taken for the personal information.

When the privacy policy is revised, it will be announced through the website.

1. Purpose of processing personal information

The forum uses the collected personal information for the following purposes. The processed personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the following, and if the purpose of use is changed, it will be processed with prior consent.

1) Member management

Identification according to membership service use, personal identification, prevention of illegal use by bad members and prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of subscription intention, complaint handling, complaint handling, notice delivery

2) Used for marketing and advertising

Information delivery and customized services according to new service development and event events, service provision and advertisement posting according to demographic characteristics, identification of access frequency, or statistics on member service use

3) Customer support

Support for various inquiries


2. Processing and retention period of personal information

Personal information processed by the forum is processed and retained within the scope specified for the purpose of collection and use.

The forum complies with the retention period stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws, and if there is a request for deletion of the information subject or an application for withdrawal from membership, the forum will be destroyed without delay.

However, if it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws such as the Commercial Act, the forum will be retained for a certain period of time as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations as follows.


− Contract or subscription withdrawal, payment, and public funds records of goods (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.): 5 years

− Records on consumer complaints or dispute handling (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.): 3 years

− Records on labeling and advertising (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.): 6 months

− Data subject’s Internet, etc. log records (Act on the Protection of Communications Secrets): 3 months

− Computer communications, Internet log records, access tracking data (Act on the Protection of Communications Secrets): 3 months